Kids Joker Costume

Best Halloween Costume for Older Boys to Play the Baddie

Why people love it
  • Great Price
  • Good value for money
  • Great quality

Allows older kids to play a super popular villain. Plus, you get quite a decent kit for the price you pay.

The mask can smell a little terrible, so you may need to wash it before letting your kid wear it. Better still, ditch the mask and buy some face paint.


Sometimes it’s fun to play the bad guy. And the Joker is one of the better villains to play. There’s still enough dress up fun to be had, but not so much that your big kid will feel silly in this costume. It’s not badly made and you get nearly everything you need, plus, it’s super recognizable.

Rating out of five:

  • Originality: 3
  • Scare Factor: 3
  • Cuteness Factor: 1
  • Identifiable: 5

What’s it made of? As you would expect, the body of the costume is polyester. The mask is made of rubber.

Will you need extra bits? You will want to invest in some gloves, and you may want toss the mask in favor of some face paint. It would make an impressive difference. Aside from that, the consume includes the pants and the jacket has an attached vest and tie, so you don’t need much.

Is it hand wash only? Yes. Sadly.

Will it break the bank? No, considering that you’ll pay around $25 for a full costume with pants, you’re not doing too bad, are you?

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