Kidde KL-2S

Best Fire Escape Ladder

Why people love it
  • A quick and easy solution in case of a fire
  • Easy to install and secure in fire escapes
  • Very well-built, solid materials that won't break or bend

Quick and easy escape route, hooks onto any regular window, quick deployment, anti-slip rungs, no assembly required, tested to 1,000 pounds, 13 feet long, and includes a 5-year warranty.

Very heavy and only suited for second floor window.


Design: This fire escape ladder is designed for quick installation, with hooks that slip over any regular window frame. When the time comes to flee, you simply pull the ripcord and the ladder descends. The 13-foot length makes it ideal for second-story windows (no taller buildings, sadly!), and though it's a bit heavy to move around, once it's installed it will provide you with a safe fire escape route.

The ladder is a bit narrow, but the handles are very sturdy and easy to grip. The ladder comes ready to use right out of the box—no need to figure out assembly or installation!

Weight Limit: The ladder is tested up to 1,000 pounds, meaning it can hold 3-5 people (depending on size/weight) at once. However, in cases of emergency, it may be able to support more weight.

Safety: The ladder is very secure, and its anti-slip rungs will keep your feet in place as you climb out of a burning building. The manual shows you how to quickly slip the hooks over the window sill, and once it's installed, it will never slip out of place. 

Price: At $33, this is one of the best-priced options on our list. It's definitely not a handyman's tool, but it will be a must-have if you own a two-story home or office and need a quick escape in case of fire.

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