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  • Cuddle cubes come in a variety of sizes, which is great if you have more than one dog or want to give your dog more room to stretch out
  • Feature a non-slip bottom
  • Great for dogs that need extra warmth or are snuggle sleepers

There isn't a lot of support in these cubes (they actually tend to sink in a bit rather than retain their cube-like shape), so they’ll work better for smaller dogs and those without too many orthopedic issues.


Support: If your dog doesn't require a lot of orthopedic support, but still wants a comfortable place to rest above the floor (and off of your furniture), these cuddle cubes work just fine. The slip-resistant bottom also makes these a great pick for dogs who like to jump up onto furniture since it’ll prevent them from sliding across hardwood flooring.

Size: Cuddle cubes come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Like with any other pet bed purchase, make sure to measure the space in your house first to ensure these will fit wherever you need them to go.

Scent & Stain Control: The fabric covers come in a number of colors and slip off easily for washing. 

Value: Seeing as this is our pick for Best Cheap Dog Bed, it goes without saying that the price tag is a great steal for what you're getting. Ranging in price from $42 to $62, you're getting a number of high quality features for a great price.

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