Sure, Apple and Android both are entering the locksmithing business and want you to open the doors to your house, office, and car with your mobile device. But let's face it - you will still have to carry a keyring, because can you always predict when you phone will run out of juice?


Enter Kevo. Using biometric fingerprint sensing technology, this smart gadget will unlock your door as soon as you touch it. Like a smart phone app, you can assign virtual keys for cleaning, house guests, etc, as well as monitor when people enter and leave your residence.

And yes, there is one drawback - the lock uses batteries, but will still unlock with a key when the batteries are dead. This is a security advantage for some - those with nefarious intentions will have no clue how smart this dumb looking lock actually is.

Kevo is compatible with both Wink and Staples ecosystems.

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