Why people love it
  • Best Keurig upgrade
  • Brews delicious, hot coffee
  • Love the cup size and temperature options

This stylish Keurig has a larger reservoir with cup size options – plus temperature and strength settings so the perfect brew is always close at hand.

Older K-cups don’t work with this model. There’s a long pre-brew time that can be irritating.


Why she’ll love it: This machine offers plenty of options that the original Keurigs just don’t have. For a start, you can opt for larger sizes, including carafes for serving a crowd – or just that long morning commute. (You will need to buy carafe pods for this though.) The intuitive operating system is easy to use and offers temperature and strength settings.

And then there’s the large reservoir (80 oz) which means you’re not constantly having to fill it. When you must, the large opening makes it easy to pour water in rather than removing it to place it under the tap. There’s also a hot water dispenser option and you also have the ability to program this baby to turn off and on at certain times to conserve electricity.

All in all, this is an awesome option for anyone that loves their coffee – and those that have owned previous Keurigs swear by the upgrades and features on this one.  

Price: You can pick this up for somewhere around $200, including shipping. For anyone that loves their K-Cups but needs way more options, this is the one to have.

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