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No matter how much you love your Keurig, they are not known to last forever.


Remember when you didn’t know what a Keurig was? It’s hard to remember a time, right? Now, there isn’t just one Keurig, there are dozens of models. And this is one of the best single serve coffee makers – in general and for the brand. We truly appreciate the larger reservoir (48 ounces) as do most daily users. And, we’re fans of the cup size choice.

But, it’s the way this machine operates that set it apart in its class. It’s as simple as you can imagine, but there are indicator lights to guide you through if you can’t think until that first cup. Auto shut-off and pod storage make this machine feel intuitive, even if it is just a basic appliance. Add in the price and you can't help but smile.

Pods or grounds? K-Cups all the way. Of course, you could go the My K-Cup route and make your own reusable pods.

Reservoir size? We’re big fans of the 48-ounce reservoir. It will give you a decent number of cups before you need to refill it.

What are the adjustable options? You hardly get the control you would have with a super-automatic machine, but there is a way to control strength.

  • Cup sizes: Choose between 6, 8, and 10 ounce cup sizes. We think that’s decent actually.

Any other features? There are indicator lights that will guide you through the brewing process (which means anyone in the house can use it). The drip tray is removable to accommodate larger glasses and mugs. You can program this to switch off automatically after 90 seconds and it stores up to 28 pods.

Will it break the bank? For all of that, the MRSP of $120 doesn’t seem bad, does it? And you should actually expect to pay about $80. When it comes up for even less, snag it.

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