Why people love it
  • Provides a rockin' all day hold
  • An incredible product that guys fall head over heels for
  • Impressive, super strong hold

In addition to the strong hold that lasts all day long, this hair gel from Kerastase Homme is also pumped full of vitamins for your hair. 

If there's a con to this hair gel, it's the price. Sure, it's not the most expensive, but not everyone will find it affordable. 


This is one impressive hair gel. It offers all the hold and sculpting, without any of the greasiness that comes with other gels. It's great for adding volume to thinner heads of hair, but it never feels heavy. And, there's no build up of product over time. It's water-soluble which means it'll wash out easily when you're done for the day.

Because this gel actually prohibits hair loss, it's a favorite at salons and barber shops. Indeed, you won't find it difficult to find salons and stylists that can't wait to recommend it. Just see what Maria de los Angéles has to say. Or check out the recommendation from Edmondo Blando. And then, go out and get yourself some of this incredible hair gel. 

  • Hold and Control: Ultra-strong hold. No really, there is a need for more superlatives here. You turn to gel for the hold and this one has it. 
  • Ability to Restyle: Surprisingly easy to restyle your hair when using this gel. It's flexible, though you may need a dash of water to make the difference. 
  • Texturing Ability: Yes, please! It definitely adds density to your hair (as described on the bottle). Expect some lift and some thickening for the texture you always dreamed of having. 
  • Shine Level: You'll get a natural to light gloss with this hair gel. So, it's clearly a gel, but not super shiny or greasy looking. 
  • Flakes and Washability: Excellent on both fronts. There are no flakes to speak of and it washes out without a struggle. 
  • Scent: If you notice a scent at all, you'll have a difficult time putting your finger on it. Call it neutral, call it natural; whatever you call it, this isn't going to interfere with the other aromas in your grooming routine. 

Bottom Line: This is a hands down winner in the hair gel category. It offers everything you want and nothing you don't. Indeed, it even works to prevent hair loss on top of everything else you could possibly want from a gel. If they could make it just a little cheaper per ounce, we would love it. But, it still earns top points despite the price. 

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