Best Men’s Hair Brush for Fine or Thin Hair

Kent OS11 Dual Timber Rectangular Hair Brush
  • Amazingly soft and gentle bristles
  • Perfect for thin or thinning hair
  • Serious quality; well worth the price
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  • The bristles are super soft and just the right length for thin haired men
  • You can absolutely give this brush as a gift
  • A gorgeous brush made from top quality materials
  • The price; it’s definitely not a brush for everyone

The Kent company has been around for well over 200 years and they’re more or less the standard for high quality brushes. Still, we know that the price is going to scare some people away.

But if you have thin or thinning hair, this is the brush for you.

The boar bristles are just the right length and super, almost deliciously, soft. You’ll definitely appreciate the way it feels on your scalp - and that it doesn’t tug at your hair.

The shape of the brush makes it most appropriate for straight hair, which we won’t dispute. But, it’s those beautiful bristles which will incidentally improve your scalp health and are perfect for thin or fine hair.

But, because of the bristles, you should never use this on wet hair and it’s definitely a grooming brush, not a styling brush. What's that mean for you? You won't want to put this brush anywhere near the heat of a hair dryer.

You can expect a terrific presentation if you’re planning to give it as a gift, and yes, you’ll find care and cleaning instructions alongside your brush.

Brush type: A rectangle paddle brush - and one of the best at that.

Handle: The base is made from beechwood, though the back is a beautiful satin wood - and both have been treated to draw out their natural beauty.

The handle is comfortable and the entire brush measures 7.5”.

Bristles: The ¾“ pure white boar bristles are exceptionally soft - like the kind of soft that you’ve never known before.

Price: The MSRP for this brush is $92, though you’ll find it cheaper on Amazon much of the time - usually for under $85, and it comes with Prime shipping.

That’s still quite a hefty price tag, but it is a Kent brush and totally worth the price (especially when you think of all you’ll spend on thinning hair treatments).


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