Kent Gel Styler Brush

Best Men’s Hair Brush for Styling

Why people love it
  • Perfect for styling and cleans well
  • Compact, great for gym bags and travel
  • Long-lasting, quality brush

  • This styling brush doesn’t gunk up with product, so you can definitely enjoy using it
  • Works with a range of hair types and lengths
  • Very well made and comfortable in your hand
  • If anything, there are a few people that find this a little on the pricier side

Kent isn’t just good at traditional grooming brushes and this particular one proves it.

Besides being totally reasonably priced for the brand and product, it’s a very nice-looking and comfortable brush to work with.

What sets this brush apart from other stylers is the way product seems to stay in your hair rather than transferring to your brush. You won’t have to constantly clean it.

And, it’s very good at defining comb overs and setting up pompadours, but even if you only use it to distribute product for your messy style, it’s worth it to get your hands on this brush.

Being a styling brush, you can use it on wet hair as well dry and it won’t melt under the heat of a hairdryer.

Though it might be a little surprising, this brush performs equally well with both short and long hair, as well as thick and thin hair. It’s perhaps not the best for tight, tight curls, but it can enhance natural waves.

Whatever you do, don’t mistake this for an ordinary dollar bin drugstore brush; it’s anything but.

Brush type: Classic rectangular styler.

Handle: The sturdy handle is beautifully finished and comfortable to hold. Overall, the brush is nicely weighted and measures 7.9” long.

Bristles: The 9 rows of quills are made from andosite quartz which is supposed to release negative ions to stimulate the scalp and create a healthy environment for hair growth.

Whether they do this or not (there are those that don’t believe it) almost doesn’t matter; the bristles are darn comfortable.

Price: The MSRP is $22.50, and the price does tend to fluctuate on Amazon. If you can find it for under $20, snag it immediately.

It’s another item that’s available through Prime.

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