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The cost can make some shavers balk, but this is only for men who are committed to wet shaving for the long haul.


Fiber: Silvertip badger is the best type of fiber for a shaving brush. Period. It holds the perfect amount of moisture for a superior lather, and feels so soft on the skin. It’s like massaging your face with a cloud. However, do keep in mind that this brush takes longer to dry than other fibers, so make sure you are storing it properly. This is also a huge brush. It’s called king sized for a reason.

Handle: This handle features black resin and a comfortable grip in a size that will dwarf any other brush. It's big, and will need a bigger brush stand for drying than the average shaving brush. Kent makes an extra large stand (you can find here) that is perfect for it.

Care and Upkeep: The Kent BLK12 shaving brush needs a little extra TLC. It can take a long time to dry so that Kent brush stand is a must to make sure you don’t get nasty mildew and bacteria in the bristles that will destroy your brush. You don’t need a lot of pressure while building a lather either or you could break the hair. This brush can easily last 10-15 years with proper care, making it well worth the investment.

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