The Kenmore Elite features 2.2 cubic feet or cooking space.  Better still, it accommodates larger plates and dishes.  It's a counter top model, that doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it's also not asking you to invest a fortune. 


This microwave from the Kenmore brand doesn't offer a lot of features. But, if you're not a frequent microwave user, perhaps you don't need all those extras. Here's what this microwave does have - a roomy interior with an extra-large turntable. That, and it operates quietly and quickly. It does have a sensor reheat function which can be a serious bonus if that's about the extent of your microwave usage. And then there is the price. If you can pick up this machine for less than $120 and you're not after design or features, then do it.

For reference, this microwave cooks with 1200 watts. It measures just over 13.6" high, 24.05" wide and 19.65" deep.

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