Kenmore 81382 Electric Dryer

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Why people love it

  • Great dryer 
  • Steam drying is a plus 
  • Quick and quiet 

The Dual Sensor system is quite advanced for the size and price of this Kenmore dryer. The sanitize cycle is a plus with this 7.3 cu. ft. dryer. 

Features are limited, as is the size. It’s also not great at the efficiency game either. 


Not all compact, budget dryers are created equally. And, while this one isn’t a complete knock-out, it’s not bad looking at all. If you need a compact dryer that will be visible to family members and guests, it’s possible this is the one you want. Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you might expect, but you’ll probably want to take another look at the price before you walk away.

There’s an NSF-certified sanitize cycle (which kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria) and the express cycle will make sure you get to work on time.

Now, the drum isn’t huge – in fact, with only 7.3 cu. ft. of space, it’s the smallest on this list, though you should be able to get bulky bedding inside. And, it’s easily stackable given its height. While you may miss advanced features like phone diagnostics, you really didn’t expect that for this price, did you?

  • Dryer type: Electric dryer 
  • Color: White 
  • Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft. This is the smallest capacity on the list.  
  • Display and controls: Rotary-electronic controls with a fantastically intuitive LED display, including remaining time. Controls are front facing.  
  • Programs: Features 8 programs, 1 Steam Cycle Dry Cycle and 7 Air Dry Cycle Dry Cycles, including: Speed / Quick Dry Cycle Dry Cycles, Normal Dry Cycle, Delicate Dry Cycle, Anti-Bacterial/Sanitize Cycle, Damp Dry Cycle, and Heavy Duty Dry Cycle .
  • Dryness levels: 5. Ranging from Damp Dry to Extra Dry, what more could you need?  
  • Temperatures: 5. This is terrific given the price you pay for this machine.  
  • Drum material: Aluminized steel 
  • Reversible door: Yes 
  • Includes drying rack: Yes 
  • Stackable: Yes 
  • ENERGY Star compliant: No 
  • DOE Energy Factor (lb/kWh): 3.74 lb/kWh 
  • Energy Consumption: 639.4kWh/yr. Neither this nor the energy factor are terribly good, but you could do much worse in the compact range.  
  • Dimensions: The dimensions are 27”W x 29.89”D x 39”H. And it weighs 130 pounds.
  • Price: The MRSP is $1,200, but you shouldn’t pay more than $850 or $900, before adding on warranties and the like.  

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