Kelty Tuck 22-Degree Sleeping Bag

Best Overall Sleeping Bag

Why people love it
  • Includes an opening to stick your feet out if you get hot
  • Lightweight and perfect for backpacking
  • Lives up to its claims of keeping you warm

At only 3 lbs. and super compressable, this bag is perfect for hiking and backpacking. It's also insulated with Thermapro, which helps to keep you warm in cooler weather, but won't make you sweat too much in warmer weather.

This bag is a little snug for the big and tall, but they do have a longer option as well.


Temperature Rating: This bag withstands temps to 22°, and most people claim it lives up to its reputation. It also has a special insulation that works for all seasons.

Price: You'd expect a much higher price for this quality, but it rings up at under $100. Great bang for your buck!

Comfort: The thermapro insulation is also fairly lofty. People also love the foot vent that allows you to cool off in warmer seasons.

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