Kelty Tuck 22-Degree Sleeping Bag

Best Overall Sleeping Bag

Why people love it
  • Includes an opening to stick your feet out if you get hot
  • Lightweight and perfect for backpacking
  • Lives up to its claims of keeping you warm
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

This bag is a little snug for the big and tall, but they do have a longer option as well.


Temperature Rating: This bag withstands temps to 22°, and most people claim it lives up to its reputation. It also has a special insulation that works for all seasons.

Price: You'd expect a much higher price for this quality, but it rings up at under $100. Great bang for your buck!

Comfort: The thermapro insulation is also fairly lofty. People also love the foot vent that allows you to cool off in warmer seasons.

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