Kelty Cosmic Down 20

Best Budget Sleeping Bag

Why people love it


  • Comfortable 
  • Terrifically warm 
  • Great price and packs well 


Besides being wonderfully affordable, this sleeping bag manages a lower limit of 19ºF. That’s a little amazing given the price and the quality of the down.

What you trade for the nice price is weight. This is one of the heaviest down bags out there. 


Need a nicely-priced mummy sleeping bag that actually does the job? You’ve got it. Now, it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s light years ahead of the cheapies on the market. And, it’s down-filled which is a nice surprise for this price point.

Looking for a few more benefits? The full draft collar and the foot box are both comfortable and effective. And, the down is coated with an extra water resistance finish. Plus you can use this in temperatures as low as 19ºF, which is amazing for a 3-season down sleeping bag. 

Of course, it’s on the heavy side and you’ll have a difficult time squeezing into small packs. But, if you’re a camper, not a hiker, you could make the most of this value-for-money sleeping bag.  

Fill or insulation type: 600-fill DriDown in a 50-denier ripstop polyester shell.

Temperature rating: The EN lower limit is 19ºF, and the EN comfort temperature is 30ºF. 

Water resistant: Water resistant finish on the down plus water resistant outer.

Shape, size, and weight: This sleeping bag features a mummy shape. The short sleeping bag measures 66”L x 58”W (shoulder) and 56” (hip), weighs 2lb 9oz, and packs to 8” x 13” (10.7L). The regular sleeping bag measures 72”L x 62”W (shoulder) and 58” (hip), weighs 2lb 13oz, and packs to 8” x 14” (11.5L). And the long sleeping bag measures 78”L x 64”W (shoulder) and 60” (hip), weighs 3lb .6oz, and packs to 8” x 14” (11.5L). 

Colors available: Paradise Blue/Twilight or Dahlia/Grape Juice.

Price: The MSRP is around $150 to $175. If you can find it any cheaper, don’t hesitate to buy immediately.

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