Literally wear your heart on your sleve with these couple t-shirts from BoldLoft. The adorabe, yet funny shirts show a superhero action figure shooting out love (via hearts) on the male shirt with hearts that continue in pattern as they stretch over to girl figure on the female shirt. 


Wear your love this Valentines Day with a crafty couple t-shirt. The Keep Calm And Love Me Couple T-Shirts come as a set that pair up perfectly when wore by a man and a woman side by site. The product comes with the cute discription of: 

He’s almost invincible, he’s never afraid
Only one person can pierce the armor he’s made.
No armor can stand between two hearts this near,
And with his love surrounds her, she has nothing to fear.

The 100% cottton t-shirts come in a set with a loose fit for men and contour fit for women. 

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