Why people love it
  • An affordable pair of sub-alpine hiking boots
  • Lightweight, durable leather uppers; great for day hikes
  • Built-in toe protection to keep your feet safe 

Many reviewers report that these boots lack stability and tend to wear out quickly


Performance: This is not the most long-lasting pair of boots on our list. While the leather uppers can take a beating, the insole and rubber outsole tend to wear out a bit quicker than some of the higher-priced boots. However, you get excellent comfort and a good-looking pair of shoes for a reasonable price, making this a good option to consider if you're a casual hiker.

The shoe doesn't have the best stability, but it has built-in support to keep your ankle from rolling or twisting. At just over 2 pounds, they're a pair of lightweight boots that are perfect for casual or day hikes.

Features: The Keen Dry waterproofing is as good as any Gore-Tex waterproofing, so you can wear these shoes in any weather conditions without worrying about wet or cold feet. The leather upper has a breathable lining that keeps your feet dry as you walk.

The lacing system is an especially good one, and you'll find the shoes grip your feet nice and tight as you walk. The built-in cushioning is comfortable and will prevent blisters. Definitely a good pair to consider if you're an occasional hiker.

Price: At $100, these are the cheapest hiking boots on our list. They're not the best quality, but they'll last for a couple of years of regular hiking on average trails. Look elsewhere if you're a hardcore off-road hiker, but consider these if you want an affordable pair of boots for a weekend hike.

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