Kaukko Leather Patchwork Messenger Bag

Best Messenger Bag to Bring on Your Bike

Why people love it
  • Good quality materials
  • Easy to travel with
  • Sturdy construction

You’re not going to fit a full-sized laptop in this bag, sorry. And, then there is the case of that silly writing branded onto the front of the bag.


This super preppy chest bag offers you style and plenty of pockets for your necessities. And, you get a choice of colors; it's available in khaki and black. This chest-style messenger bag from Kaukko is just big enough to fit all of your necessities without ever being too large or cumbersome. If you take the bus or your bike to the office, this is an excellent accessory to keep your belongings close and safe.

What’s it made of? Primarily, this bag is made of cotton canvas with a few bronze-colored buckles. The leather look is just that; we use the word pleather to describe it accurately.

Can you close it fully? There are plenty of buckles and zippers for you to secure everything. If you are wearing this while riding your bike, you won’t want to put anything in the mesh exterior pockets… except, perhaps, a bottle of water. You know, it’s just safer that way. There is, however a side zipper to make access easier while on the move.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? You’ll get a 10” tablet in this messenger bag easily. You won’t easily be able to squash an 11” baby laptop in it. Still, you’ll fit plenty of extras in with that tablet, including cables, phones, wallets, and more.

Can you wash it? We really wouldn’t; this bag isn’t constructed to withstand the washing machine. A damp cloth will do you – and if it’s dirtier than that, you’ll be grateful you didn’t pay more.

Will it break the bank? You can score this handy messenger bag for less than $25. We think that’s a steal!

What Reviewers Say: 70% of Amazon reviewers absolutely love this bag - and they're not shy to talk about it:

  • It is well made, and light weight. I bought it to use when riding my motorcycle. It is very comfortable while riding, it hugs your body and does not act like a "sail" like other larger bags do while riding. It holds my wallet, phone, tablet and other small things.
  • Excellent quality. Great size - the basics plus some extras "just fit". I can even put a 10" tablet in the main compartment. And holy ^%*$^, do we get a LOT of questions and compliments on it. Very comfy, stylish, and sturdy.
  • We purchased this for a trip to Europe for my husband. It is a great size and contours perfectly under his arm.
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