Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Leather Satchel

Best Valentine's Gift for the Wife Who Deserves Something Glam

Why people love it
  • High-quality leather
  • Gorgeous color selection to choose from
  • Perfect size to hold all the essentials

Some women have said the bag was too small for them, so be sure to check the specs against your wife’s other bags before buying.


Sentimentality: Not necessarily sentimental, but it’s a great gift all the same.

Uniqueness: Jewelry, candy, and flowers tend to be the more common Valentine’s gifts, so you should get extra credit for picking this one out on your own.

Practicality: This beautiful bag goes with everything, so your wife will have plenty of use for this gift.

Price: Considering the overall quality and durability, the price is worth it if your wife appreciates a nice bag.

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