Kate Spade Friendship Idiom Bangles

Gift for Your Best Friend (female)

Why people love it
  • Modern-day friendship bracelet
  • Nice idiom engravings
  • Cute piece of jewelry that you can wear all at once, split among three best friends, or wear one at a time

Heavy’s rundown of the best gift ideas for friends includes three different friendship bracelets. While this specific one didn’t make the list, it’s still guaranteed to be a hit with your best friend.

These bangles are a one-size-fits-all, so they may run loose or tight depending on your friend’s wrist.


Meaningfulness: Your best friend is sure to appreciate this set of three colorful bangles. While you can’t customize the engravings, each of the idioms work well for friends who have known each other a long time.

Originality: Friendship bracelets are not a new concept or gift idea, but these bangles are sure to stand out among the rest.

Price: The price includes three bangles with engravings. While that may seem a little pricey, it’s actually a pretty good deal when compared to custom-engraved bangles or singular bracelet purchases.

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