Why people love it
  • Combines 4 different acne treatments in one kit: oil-free moisturizer, EradiKate spot treatment, exfoliating treatment, detox cleanser
  • Keeps skin feeling fresh and clean
  • Holistic approach to daily skin care and acne treatment 

While this is a great “all-in-one” acne management solution, some consumers have reported adverse effects (like breakouts where they hadn’t previously had any or over-drying of the skin) after using it.


Effectiveness: If your goal is to reduce your skin’s overall oiliness and keep minimal to moderate acne in check, this kit will definitely meet your needs. Most consumers rave about the way their skin feels and looks afterwards, most commonly describing their skin as “fresh” and “clean”.

Sensitivity: Based on previous user reviews, this kit will probably work best for those who want to better maintain their skin’s clarity and quality. For those dealing with moderate to severe acne or who have sensitive skin, the drying and exfoliating qualities of these products may be more likely to irritate your skin. While that’s not necessarily a given, anyone concerned with a possibly negative reaction should try to get test samples of each product in this kit before committing to the whole purchase.

Price: In Sephora’s rundown of the best acne treatment products on the market, this kit made their list of top regimen sets and currently holds a 4-star rating and 7,411 loves from previous users. Considering what's included in the kit (the EradiKate spot treatment alone usually costs about $24 and is a fan favorite), this kit is a great value for the adult wanting better control over their skin health.

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