Karen Walker – The Harvest Sunglasses

Best Gift for the Trendsetter

Why people love it
  • Beautiful and fashionable
  • Unique
  • Even makes faces appear a little smaller

These won’t be in everyone’s budget.


Why she’ll love it: These are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous – and hardly the thing that everyone’s wearing. The designer strikes a chord between edgy and luxury that’s not easy to find. She’ll get plenty of compliments with them while you get free express shipping worldwide. This stylish blend of plastic and metal comes inside a case with a cleaning cloth. And, strangely, many women report these sunglasses making their faces appear smaller (yes, that’s something most women want).

Price: If you can afford $250, you won’t be sorry you spent it on these glasses – they’re about as cool as can be and they’ll last a long time. (She’ll also wear them constantly.)

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