Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock

Most Durable Camping Hammock

Why people love it


  • Most durable of the double camping hammocks 
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable 
  • Higher quality construction 


Customers love the Kammok Roo for a number of reasons, though the most popular reason is its sturdiness and durability. Made with their very own LunarWave fabric, you’re not likely to find a stronger parachute fabric around. This means support (for you and your hammock-mate), comfort, and stability all rolled into one.

Straps don’t come with this hammock, so you’ll need to factor that in as an additional cost. Some users have complained about how heavy this hammock is compared to others, but I think the tradeoff here is due to the stronger fabric used.


Strength: This double camping hammock was built tough using Kammok’s proprietary fabric and it’s what customers love the most about it. 

Capacity: The Roo can hold up to 500 pounds (the most we've seen so far), so it’s perfect for larger or taller campers as well as couples who want to be close, but not uncomfortably close. 

Use: It’s a little bit on the heavier side, so you might not want to go backpacking with this. That being said, it’s a really well-made camping hammock and we don’t see how you could go wrong with taking it into most situations with you, especially if you want to be warm and comfortable all night. 

Price: This one’s a little higher than the average in price. You also need to consider the cost of purchasing straps for it, too, since it doesn’t come with any.

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