Justin's Nut Butter Squeeze Packs

Best Healthy Snack for Work

Why people love it
  • Perfect for healthy snacking and on-the-go protein
  • Great to squeeze on a bananna, apple, or crackers
  • Just the right amount -will prevent you from eating a whole jar

Healthy on-the-go snack that is gluten-free, non GMO, and all-natural. Convenient source of protein when you can't eat right away. 

These butters contain palm oil which can occasionally cause the consistency to be too oily if not squeezed enough. 


Ingredients: You know a healthy snack is good for you when you can count the ingredients on one hand. Justin's Nut Butters consists of almond or peanuts, palm oil and thats all. Unless of course it's one of the flavored blends then it has either honey, chocolate, vanilla, or maple. As a bonus, there are no artificial colors or flavorings and they are naturally gluten-free. So you can feel good about eating them. 

Taste: Reviewers love the taste of this stuff, which is no surprise because who doesn't love peanut butter? This product comes in nine delicious flavors including: classic peanut, honey peanut, classic almond, honey almond, maple almond, vanilla almond, chocolate almond, and chocolate hazelnut. Is your mouth watering yet? Because ours are.

Packaging: Instead of jars the Justin's Nut Butter Packs come in squeezable single-serve pouchs designed with convenience in mind. The best part is, no utensils are needed. Just squeeze onto a banana or directly into your mouth. Since there is palm oil in these packs, Justin suggests massaging the packs to mix the ingredients together before opening. What we love most about these pouches is that they are super convenient if you're on-the-go. Simply throw one in your car or gym bag. 

Price: This healthy snack will cost you about $5 for a pack of 5, making them roughly $1 per pouch. It can be difficult to find the squeezable pouches in local stores so be sure and buy those online! And, we've researched and found that Amazon has the best price around. 

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