Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

Best Super-Automatic Coffee Maker for Serious Coffee Drinkers

Why people love it
  • Stunningly easy to use
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Users love it; makes incredible coffee

It’s not the cheapest machine given that you can’t completely customize your coffee.


Jura has set the bar high for super automatic coffee makers over the years. As soon as you begin using this appliance, you will completely (and instantly) understand why. Though it has a plastic exterior, it’s quit resilient and available in solid black or black with platinum. The single rotary switch keeps it simple, though you still have choices.

The display is basic (plain text) and you will probably need to refer to the manual every now and again for the first couple of weeks. But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be so happy you made the investment. Sure, you think you need more options for the price, but this coffee maker proves that you don’t.

Bean reservoir and grinding: You can store up to 200 grams of beans in the machine. Just so you don’t have to look that up, it’s about 7 ounces. And, it’s the grinding function of this Jura super automatic that sets it apart from the competition. It works with a unique cutting angle to halve the time spent grinding. That’s a good thing as this machine isn’t exactly quiet.

Water reservoir size: The water reservoir is 1.9 liters. And, again, we’ll do that math for you. It’s a little more than 64 ounces. That’s actually not a huge amount of water. Sure, you probably won’t get through it in a day (unless you use this in an office), but it’s not exceptional.

Milk and frothing options: There is a milk frother that Jura loves to rave about – and they’re not wrong to do so. It really creates a feather-light consistency as it claims to do, though it doesn’t seem as though it would be as powerful as all that.

Cup warmers and water spouts: Sadly, there isn’t a cup warmer with this machine, but you can brew 2 cups at a time. There is also a convenient water spout, which you can use to give your mug a quick warm just before brewing. And, the primary spout is adjustable so you can use different mugs and cups.

Energy use: For a European machine, this isn’t as energy efficient as one might want. It uses 1450 watts. Sure, that shouldn't make or break your decision to get this machine, but it’s not as resourceful as we would like.

Maintenance requirements: The drip trays are removable and there are programs for descaling, cleaning, and rinsing. You’ll want to do that every couple of months to keep this machine running as it should. Of course, you won’t struggle to find replacement parts, but we doubt you’ll need them.

Bottom line: It’s not the cheapest machine, but it’s easily at the top of its game. The machine is intuitive and offers clean lines. More than that, it makes an incredible cup of coffee without overcomplicating your life. You’ll know what we mean as soon as you enjoy your first cup. Enjoy!

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