Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

Best Super-Automatic Coffee Maker to Splurge On

Why people love it
  • Makes delectable coffee
  • Surprisingly simple operation
  • Easy to clean

It’s fast and quiet (thanks to the ceramic grinder operation) and the milk foam is perhaps better than you will get in many coffee shops. You also get 17 individually programmable types of coffee.

It’s rather on the expensive side and does require some practice before you’ll be comfortable using it.


Wow! We are in love with this Jura super-automatic. It’s that cool. It’s just so expensive. Otherwise, it would be our top fave. The front features aluminum plating, but the sides are plastic – which is a bit of a bummer, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the performance of this appliance.

The digital display is totally intuitive and you get a lot of options – each one is easy to identify and select. You get 5 coffee strengths, 3 brewing temperatures, and 17 pre-programmed specialty drinks. With the ability to add milk to the mix without an extra step, you can color us impressed. Plus, there are 2 grinders and hoppers so you can actually brew two different cups at the same time. Wish you had the funds? We don’t blame you.

Bean reservoir and grinding: Wow! If you’re not interested in continually re-filling the bean hopper, you’re going to fall in love with this coffee maker. You get two hoppers and each one holds 9.88 ounces of coffee. Yep – nearly 20 pounds of coffee. You can also choose between 5 programmable strengths.

Water reservoir size: There’s a wonderfully sized water reservoir on this Jura super-automatic. It can hold up to 87 ounces of water which is one of the largest sizes available and there are two separate pumps so your coffee is brewed efficiently.

Milk and frothing options: If cappuccino is your thing, this is the machine you want. Connecting a milk container (the manual suggests a vacuum-sealed, cooler-styled chamber), is relatively simple. This allows you to achieve perfect milky coffee without an extra step. It also moves seamlessly between milk and milk froth or foam, so you don’t need to worry about it. If there was such a thing as super-super-automatic, this is what it looks like.

Cup warmers and water spouts: The coffee spouts are adjustable for different-sized cups (and you can go fairly tall on them too). There’s also a hot water spout for making tea and hot chocolate for those that aren’t tied to their coffee. But, there isn’t a cup warmer in the mix.

Energy use: This isn’t great on energy consumption. It operates at 2300 watts, though the standby keeps it at .5 watts and that’s enough to make sure you don’t have a long start-up time before your first cup of coffee.

Maintenance requirements: It’s a rather intense little machine that wants to take all the pressure it possibly can off of your back. There’s an auto descaling and cleaning process that happens without you worrying about it. It’s essentially a self-cleaning machine that never requires you to remove parts to keep it in pristine condition.

Bottom line: It’s bloody expensive. The MSRP is $7,500. Now, you’re likely to pay less than $6,000. And, if you can afford it, then you want this machine. It may not be the best-looking machine, but it’s far from ugly and it does everything you’ve ever wanted in a super-automatic. If it were cheaper, we would expect it to be more popular. But, it’s really only for those that are serious about their coffee or for small offices.

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