Jura ENA 9 One Touch

Best Super-Automatic Coffee Maker for Cappuccino Drinkers

Why people love it
  • Hardly difficult to operate
  • Users can’t live without it
  • Great product at a solid price

The water reservoir and bean hopper are small. Really small. You will need to refill often.


This stainless steel super-automatic from Jura has some pros and some cons. It has a lot of the features you’ve come to expect from the brand, but it’s not without flaws. The biggest are the sizes of the water reservoir and the bean hopper. They’re both comparatively tiny.

But, there are some features we absolutely love. Take, for example, the ability to keep pre-ground coffee in a separate doser. This enables you to keep some decaf coffee on hand for late nights. It will never be as fresh as beans, but when you need a cup of decaf, it’s not the worst option out there. You can use a variety of cup sizes, and you do get a fair amount of 1-touch options. Plus, there’s the advanced milk system which makes it possible to get the lattes and cappuccinos you’ve always wanted at home.

Bean reservoir and grinding: We’d have appreciated a bigger hopper. It’s small and fits a mere 4.4 ounces of beans. Of course, you do get a choice of grind strengths between coarse to fine, though you need to make those adjustments with a grinding wheel while the machine is in operation.

Water reservoir size: Again, this is smaller than we would have wanted. You can only keep 1.1 liters of water in the removable reservoir. In case you’re wondering, that’s 37 ounces. It’s a little too small for many users – especially considering the watering is used for making coffees, rinsing, and steaming.

Milk and frothing options: All you need to do is connect the milk hose to the delivery spout and the milk container. The heating and frothing happens automatically, you really don’t need to worry about that. The amount of milk, however, takes a little getting used to. You make adjustments according to the delivery time not the amount of milk. You do get a range, though, from 3 to 120 seconds, and the milk delivery and frothing features are fantastic.

Cup warmers and water spouts: Yes and yes. Nice, right?

Energy use: There’s an energy-saving mode to cut down the consumption per hour from 12 to 3.5 watts, but it does typically operate at 1450 watts. We appreciate the ability to save a bit of energy, which includes the 0-watt consumption in stand-by mode and the A-class energy rating. But remember, the manufacturer is Swiss, so did you expect anything less?

Maintenance requirements: The spent coffee container and the drip tray are both easily removable. There’s also an integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling program, as well as a milk cleaning system. You shouldn’t need to do a whole lot of maintenance on your end. However, that doesn’t totally offset the need to fill the reservoirs constantly.

Bottom line: You’ll pay somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 on this machine. The reason for the differences is that it’s not always available on Amazon, which truly helps to keep the price down across the market. We think that the pros associated with this machine make it worth $1,200 to $1,400. But, more than that is a little difficult to justify – after all, the reservoirs are small enough that you need to do a bit of the work.

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