Juicy Couture Luxe Velour Jumpsuit

Best High-End Stylish Adult Onesie

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Juicy Couture
Why people love it
  • A good-looking, highly stylish adult onesie
  • Sleek, soft, and super comfortable
  • Durable, long-lasting material

Not warm enough for cold weather and very pricey.


Style: The style of these onesie pajamas is actually more like a velour track suit than your typical adult onesie. They’re not saggy, baggy, or droopy, but the onesie fits nicely with a sleek cut that will look surprisingly good all day long. It makes for wonderful loungewear, but many users say they leave the house wearing the onesie because it looks very stylish.

The slouchy fit makes it great for comfort, yet it’s not too relaxed. The easy-zip front makes it easy to slip on and off, and its jewel-encrusted zipper adds an elegant flair. Thanks to the stretch waist and drawstring, you can make it as comfortable or classy as you want.

Material: The jumpsuit is made from soft velour, a synthetic material that is lightweight and super gentle on your skin. It’s not the most durable or warmest material, but it definitely looks good. You’ll find it makes an awesome indoor and outdoor choice!

Price: At $230, this is definitely a high-end product, pricier than the rest of our onesies. However,  given its durability, sleek style, and supreme comfort, it’s a price worth paying!

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