A solution for cutting garlic! No need to get your hands messy and stinky.

  • Crushed pieces are held in the curved design, allowing them to be spooned or scraped conveniently into a pan or bowl
  • Dishwasher safe; by Joseph Joseph, masters of form and function

This garlic crusher allows you to easily crush and cut up garlic for cooking, then simply scrape the garlic from the crusher into your pan. Voila!

What Reviewers Say:

You're going to love this. Most people do.

  • 1) Efficient. I can mince 4-5 cloves in one pressing and have instant minced garlic. Minced garlic holds in the scoop design until you use your finger or spoon to swipe it out. (2) Easy to use. Just press down on clove and rock at end to get every little bit. No tiny cups or dangling press parts. (3) Easy to clean. You can see by the design that it's easy to get to the holes to rinse and no little scoops or parts to worry about. (4) Very sturdy. I've used mine almost every day for two years. Hasn't bent, warped or rusted. I'm rough on this tool and will push multiple cloves through very assertively -- no garlic left behind! (5) Some say the mince size is a little bit larger, but I love my garlic. Also, I find the old-fashioned garlic presses just squeeze my garlic and leave behind lots of garlic fiber inside the cup. This is a waste and a pain to clean out. Love this design!
  • This garlic mincer is absolutely beautiful and is a pleasure to use! It's much quicker than a conventional knife and my fingers don't get all stinky like they do when I slice it up. It's also much easier to clean than any other garlic mincer I've ever had because it doesn't have hinges to get filled up with garlic mush/juice.Very simple design. It's fast, easy, and far easier to clean than any other garlic crusher or mincer I've used. Love it.

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