Joopin Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses

Best Christmas Gift for Retro Men

Why people love it
  • Sleek and stylish; the ultimate pair of retro sunglasses
  • Comfortable, easy to wear, and fairly durable
  • Protect your eyes from UV radiation, glares, and brightness

Too narrow for wider faces and gold plating looks plastic.


Details: If he's the kind of guy who looks good in retro-styled clothing and accessories, these semi-rimless glasses are just what he needs. The circular style will be ideal for men with longer faces and heavy beards, and he'll love the lightweight resin frame. The glasses are super-comfortable and easy to wear all day long.

When it comes to durability, the glasses are as good as he can expect for this price range. They're certainly not designed for active use, but they're the perfect driving, strolling, and lounging glasses. With UV400 protection and polarized lenses, they can reduce glare and prevent eye fatigue. Their blue tint makes them effective at reducing exposure to bright sunlight and light from his phone, tablet, and computer screen.

Price: At $17 for the pair, these are a very well-priced pair of sunglasses. Best of all, they look very stylish and offer him comfort and durability at a cost you can afford on your Christmas budget.

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