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Best Nespresso-Compatible Pod

Why people love it
  • A smooth and strong brew
  • Terrific price for a quality product
  • Works easily in Nespresso machines

If you’re serious about coffee, this may not cut it for you.


While this isn’t the cheapest Nespresso-compatible capsule on the list, it’s still affordable - though it is closer to the price of the original.

So what makes this so great in the compatible category? It’s the flavor all the way, every day. Yes, for real.

Sure, it’s not as intense some of the ristrettos on the list – but it’s absolutely not meant to be. This is a solid lungo pour, but it’s on the stronger side. And it pours well with an awesome foam and creaminess. It’s surprisingly balanced.

Nearing the top of the pros list is the aroma which is more than lovely – and it sticks thanks to the great packaging on this product. Even if you’re a solid Nespresso fan, we urge you to try this one.

Pod type: OriginalLine compatible

Intensity: 8

Beans, roast, and origins: It’s an intense medium to dark Arabica lungo blend with a solid intensity.

Flavor and aroma notes: There’s a punch behind the smoothness of this coffee and there are definite floral notes, but it has a very rounded flavor and is really quite satisfying. Oh, and the aroma? It’s one of the best – and the packaging keeps it locked in until you open the individual pack and finish the last drop.

Price: At $35 for a box of 50, it’s about 70 cents per pod which is reasonable for anything compatible with a Nespresso machine. Sure, you’ll find cheaper varieties, but not with this same, high-level of taste and quality. Yep, we think it’s worth it.

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