Johnny B Mode Styling Gel

Best Hair Gel for Men with Thick Hair

Why people love it
  • One of the most divine scents
  • Zero flakes and easy to wash out
  • Strong, long-lasting, hard hold gel

  • Holds like you expect a gel to hold
  • Great application and washability
  • So many sizes to choose from
  • Be sure you're buying from a reputable seller if you pick it up on Amazon

It's hard to ignore this gel because it's exactly what a gel should be. It applies easily and washes out even easier.

This men's gel offers a fantastic, all-day hold with that slight bit of hardening that you want from a gel - but only if your hair is thick enough to accommodate it.

Plus, it's affordable, smells great, and it comes highly, highly recommended.

Notable ingredients: This may have a short no-alcohol-included list of ingredients, but it does have added fragrance and formaldehyde. Consider yourself warned.

Hold and control: So it's not the ultimate, stiff hold, but it is strong enough for thick hair, lasts through the day - even if you've got some height on your style - and it's non-sticky.

Shine level: It offers a very pleasant shine, but it's not overpowering for men that already battle hair on the greasy side. Something about it is just right.

Texture and fragrance: Although it’s quite thick coming out of the tube or tub (both are available), it feels light when you apply it to your hair. And, it's totally non-sticky.

Application: Do yourself a favor and go easy when you start applying this to your hair (even if you consider your hair to be quite thick). Most men (yes, even those with thick hair) need around a pea-sized amount to get the hold and lift they're looking for.

Also, if you are trying to achieve some height, plan to get your hair dryer out. It will make all the difference.

Flakes and washability: This is a remarkably flake-free formula and is wonderfully easy to wash out of your hair. Even though it's alcohol-free, we don't recommend leaving it in your hair too long between washes.

Sizes and pricing: What size do you want? What type of container do you want it in? Okay, it's not that simple, but there are plenty of sizes to choose between.

And, even the middle-of-the-road 16-oz size works out to a little more than 83 cents per oz - and comes with Prime shipping. That's a price most men can work with.

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