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  • Provides ample coverage
  • Well-made
  • Comfortable

One of the great struggles when it comes to women’s underwear is how to find a pair that will provide enough coverage without looking like granny panties. Say hello to Jockey’s solution!

Previous customers have reported issues with underwear not being true to size and the fabric disintegrating in the wash.


Fabric Quality: This unfortunately tends to be an issue for cheaper, multi-pack underwear, so you may want to consider hand-washing these garments in order to make them last longer than they would otherwise.

Comfortability: These are the perfect underwear for plus size women looking for a French cut (high-waisted) underwear that provides great coverage, fits well, and feels nice too.

Breathability: While these aren’t necessarily advertised for their breathability, they’re made from 100% cotton, so you shouldn’t have any issues with overheating, sweating, etc.

Support: This underwear doesn’t have a control top, but it does offer full coverage and a high waist.

Price: This is a really good deal for a multi-pack of plus size underwear, but it’s important to keep in mind the overall quality issues which may lead you to buying more of these in the future.

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