Jockey RapidCool Boxer Brief 2 Pack

Best Fitting Jockey Underwear

Why people love it
  • Just the right balance between snug support and freedom of movement
  • Comfortable and very durable
  • Great fit, stylish, good-looking

Soft microfiber fabric, moisture-wicking, cooling, odor-resistant, built-in mesh panels for ventilation, flat seams, smooth on your skin, good elasticity, lightweight, and best-fitting of all Jockey underwear.

Have to be worn very high to provide enough support.


Fit/Style/Comfort: These boxer brief-style underwear are designed for both active use and all-day comfort. They’re just the right length in the leg that they won’t ride up or bunch up when you train, but they’ll keep everything cool and comfortable if you’re sitting in meetings all day. The full coverage and mid-rise design means you can wear them on their own or beneath shorts, and they’ll keep everything squared away no matter how much you jump or move around.

Some users complain that they’re lacking support, or that they have to be pulled up extra high to feel the support you need. They also come with a keyhole fly, which is uncommon (but not necessarily bad) for gym underwear. However, in terms of fit, you’ll find few pairs of underwear that cling to your body as comfortably as these!

Material/Durability: The mix of 80% polyester and 20% spandex means these are lightweight, breathable, and have just enough elasticity to conform to your body as you move around. They’ve also got built-in mesh panels that allow air in to keep everything cool. Add in moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, and you’ve got one heck of a pair of underwear for exercise.

The fabric is also odor-resistant and made with a special StayNew technology that keeps the colors from fading or bleeding in the wash. Despite the fact that they’re lightweight underwear, you’ll find they’re beautifully durable.

Price: $28 for a 2-pack of these bad boys is a higher price than average, but so worth it for maximum comfort and a wonderful fit.

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