Jockey Pouch Boxer Brief 2 Pack

Best Jockey Underwear Overall

Why people love it
  • A comfortable, durable pair of boxer briefs
  • Modest, full coverage, yet not too thick or heavy
  • Soft, elastic, quality fabric

Secure fit, wonderfully comfortable, full coverage, stretch-cotton fabric, unique horizontal fly design, “size enhancing” pouch, high quality fabric, won’t ride up, maintain their shape even with regular use, no sagging or stretching, and free shipping and returns.

Waistband is very thick and some users report quality control issues.


Fit/Style/Comfort: This boxer brief-style underwear is just what you need for all-day comfort. The style and fit are perfect for guys who want full coverage, as the higher-than-normal waistband help to prevent plumber’s crack. The underwear stay securely on your hips without drooping or riding up, and you’ll find they’re comfortable even in shorts or during exercise.

Let’s be clear: they’re not active underwear, but they can be used for exercise without your worrying about them getting damp or soggy. They’re beautifully soft to the touch, with just enough elasticity to make them comfortable under any pair of pants or shorts. There’s even a special built-in pouch to help “the gentlemen” look larger and fuller than normal.

Material/Durability: The underwear are made with 97% cotton, which means they’re wonderfully breathable, but they have 3% Lycra spandex to give them a bit of elasticity and stretch when you’re moving around. The material is thick enough to be warm as a base layer, but it’s not so thick that you’ll sweat through your underwear on hot days.

The material is high quality, and you’ll find the underwear will last for many months of regular use. Some users complain that the latest models of underwear are prone to snagging, tearing, and fraying, but that seems to be quality control issues that only affect a small number of the products. You’ll love how these underwear feel, and there’s no sagging, stretching, or fading even with daily use.

Price: At $25 for a two-pack, these are slightly on the pricier side of the scale for regular underwear, but par for the course with Jockey. Given their durability, comfort, and design, they’re absolutely worth the price!

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