Jockey Men's Underwear, Tagless Sport Midway 2 Pack

Most Inexpensive Workout Underwear for Men

Why people love it
  • Silky-feeling underwear
  • Breathable and cooling fabric
  • Washes well

Jockey’s always going to be a reliable underwear brand, so it’s no surprise that they’d make the cut for the best men’s underwear too. This particular pair of underwear not only feels great, but it’s also breathable, making it perfect for those sweaty workouts where you want to focus on your form and not on your underwear.

Probably not as high-quality or as high-performance as others on this list, but that’s why these are the best cheap workout underwear.


Comfort: While these boxer briefs fit great, they also give enough breathing room so you don’t feel as though you’re suffocating.

Support: With a firm waistband, fitted microfiber fabric, and legs that stay put, you won’t have to worry about support here.

Breathability: The self-described “cotton-rich” fabric does a great job of wicking away moisture to keep you dry and cool while you work out.

Price: Two pairs come with this purchase, so this is definitely a fantastic value.

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