Jockey Active Microfiber Boxer Brief 3 Pack

Best Lightweight Jockey Underwear

Why people love it
  • “Sometimes I forgot I was even wearing boxers!”
  • “As good as UnderArmour, but at a much lower cost.”
  • Soft, comfortable, and weigh next to nothing

Super light, soft on your skin, anti-microbial fabric, moisture-wicking, StayNew technology reduces fading or color bleeds, tag-free, no-fly design, mid-rise, good coverage and elasticity; quality and comfort in one package.

Some guys hate the no-fly design.


Fit/Style/Comfort: These active boxer briefs are for guys who’d rather go commando. They’re so light some users insisted they forgot they were wearing underwear, and the material is super soft on your skin. The boxer brief style means you get full coverage, but the mid-rise waistband won’t ride too far up your hips. They’re modest without being bulky or uncomfortable.

The no-fly design means you can wear them on their own without fearing the “gentlemen” poking through at the wrong time, though some guys find the lack of fly irritating when it comes time to use the bathroom.

Material/Durability: The underwear are a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The polyester adds the quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial elements, while the spandex gives the underwear just the right amount of stretch to keep up with your active workouts. Whether you’re a CrossFitter, HITTer, or gym nut, these underwear are a great choice.

The material is soft to the touch and smooth on your skin, with a special StayNew technology to ensure they don’t sag, stretch, fade, or bleed. The lack of tag means no irritation on your backside as you move. Best of all, they’ll never bunch up, get soggy, or get in your way as you exercise, thanks to their super lightweight design!

Price: At $34 for a 3-pack, these are a fair price for active underwear. You’ll love the soft, lightweight microfiber with its antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties, making them an amazing pair of underwear to own for any workout!

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