JLab Audio Epic 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds

Best Bluetooth Earphones for Battery Life

Why people love it
  • Clarity is unreal
  • Fit tight in the ear
  • Battery lasts for days

Thes earbuds are great for working out because of their snug fit and over-ear hook. But where they really stand out is with their battery life. The standard battery life is stated at 12 hours, but many reviewers say theirs last 14 hours and longer!

Some reviewers say the bluetooth connectivity is a little unstable.


Sound Quality: These headphones are top-rated for being able to seal the ear and block out sound. Reviewers who love them also claim they have kickin' bass.

Battery Life: Reviewers have very few negative things to say about this product that can go days without charging. You should be able to listen to an entire 12-hour ebook without plugging it in!

Comfort: They're snug-fitting enough, but the over-ear fitting takes a little getting used to if you've not worn them before.


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