JetBlue Plus Card

JetBlue Plus Card

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  • 40,000 point signup bonus
  • 2x points per dollar at restaurants and grocery stores
  • Flexible redemption options
  • 5,000 bonus points at anniversary
  • $99 annual fee
  • Points only redeemable on two airlines

The JetBlue Plus credit card is a premium card for JetBlue frequent flyers. It comes with a great signup bonus and annual bonus, plus high points earning opportunities when spending at JetBlue and on food related purchases.

Faveable Review

Serious JetBlue travelers should have a serious credit card packed with perks and benefits. If you are looking for a premium JetBlue credit card, the JetBlue Plus credit card is ready and waiting. This travel rewards credit card takes the benefits of the JetBlue Card to the next level, with even more ways to earn TrueBlue points and save on travel and vacations with JetBlue.

While this card does have an annual fee, it comes loaded with benefits. From the giant 40,000-point signup bonus to the annual 5,000 point bonus on your anniversary, you can earn free flights with ease. Add in a 6x points per dollar bonus for JetBlue purchases, 2x reward categories, and 1x everywhere else, and you will certainly understand why frequent travelers on JetBlue love the JetBlue Plus credit card. Follow along with this JetBlue Plus review to find out if this card makes sense for your needs, or if you would be better off looking elsewhere for your travel rewards credit card.

JetBlue Plus review - JetBlue Plus credit card highlights

JetBlue’s popular TrueBlue rewards program offers opportunities to travel for free (or really cheap) with no blackout dates, no seat restrictions, and points that don’t expire. Plus, you can pool rewards with family to earn rewards and redeem for free trips even faster than you can alone.

Earning those points is easy with the JetBlue Plus credit card. The huge 40,000-point bonus after spending $1,000 on purchases in the first 90 days after opening a new account is worth enough for a free round-trip flight to many JetBlue destinations.

This card is a premium version of the JetBlue Card, also from Barclaycard, that has no annual fee. But for the annual fee on this card, you get a bonus four times bigger, the annual 5,000 point bonus on your cardholder anniversary, double the points (6x) for JetBlue purchases, a free checked bag for each flight, and a more valuable benefits.

JetBlue Plus rewards and perks

The biggest benefit of the JetBlue Plus credit card is the ability to quickly accumulate points to fly for free, or at a discount, on JetBlue flights or partner flights on Hawaiian Airlines. These are the ways you can earn points with a JetBlue Plus card:

  • 40,000-point signup bonus after spending $1,000 on purchases within 90 days of opening a new account
  • 5,000-points every year on the cardholder anniversary
  • 6x points per dollar on JetBlue purchases, 2x points per dollar on restaurant and grocery store purchases, and 1x everywhere else

The signup bonus alone is easily enough for a free round-trip ticket, or maybe two if you plan it right. With the annual 5,000-point award and regular spend bonus at restaurants and grocery stores, those who use the card regularly will quickly see their JetBlue points balances rise.

But there’s more too! This card has some premium benefits that the basic JetBlue credit card does not include, some of which are quite lucrative for any JetBlue Plus member.

This card offers a $100 statement credit after purchasing a Vacations package from JetBlue with the card. That is like a $100 coupon applied directly to your balance for a future vacation package, which generally includes things like flights, hotels, and rental cars.

Get 10% of your points back every time you redeem points. If you use 10,000 points for a flight, for example, you would get 1,000 points back. This is not a feature of the no-fee JetBlue card.

Qualify for higher tier TrueBlue Mosaic level benefits with $50,000 in annual purchases on the card. Mosaic members enjoy no change or cancellation fees, 1st and 2nd bag checked free, 15,000 bonus points when you qualify for Mosaic, a shorter check-in and security line, early boarding, complementary adult beverages, and other useful benefits.

Like the base version of the card, cardholders enjoy 50% off eligible in-flight purchases including cocktails and food. Both of which make any long flight more enjoyable.

JetBlue Plus credit card benefits

Like other premium airline credit cards, JetBlue Plus comes with a handful of useful benefits. These are not on-par with some of the top industry cards that include purchase protections and travel insurance, but nonetheless are worthwhile when using your card around town or while busy globetrotting from country to country.

This card has no foreign exchange fee and comes with an EMV security chip, which means you can use your card virtually anywhere in the world (at least anywhere that takes MasterCard). If you have ever tried to buy a subway ticket or use a self-checkout kiosk in Europe, you know how important a chip can be while traveling. Plus compared to the 3% fee many cards charge for foreign transactions, this card is a bargain.

Like most credit cards, this card offers $0 fraud liability. If a hacker or criminal steals your card or card information, you don’t owe a penny on the fraudulent purchases.

JetBlue Plus costs and fees

This card charges a $99 annual fee, which can be well worth it if you use the card regularly. With an estimated value of 1.4 cents per point, spending $2,100+ per year will give you a breakeven if you only earn at 1x per dollar spent. With great bonus categories, most cardholders will easily reach $99 in value on this card each year. After all, you get 5,000 points every year just for keeping the card open.

While it charges no foreign transaction fees, the card charges 3% ($5 minimum) for balance transfers and 5% ($10 minimum) for cash advances. Late and returned payments charge up to $37 each.

Depending on your credit rating, this card charges variable rate interest of 17.24% to 26.24% APR. Cash advances charge 26.49% APR. These are variable, floating rates that can change at any time with market interest rates.

To avoid paying interest, however, you can simply pay your entire bill in full each month. This is the case with virtually every credit card, not just the JetBlue Plus from Barclaycard.

Does the JetBlue Plus credit card make sense for me?

JetBlue is a popular airline with hubs in major cities like New York and Boston. It’s frequent flyer program is particularly flexible with no blackout dates, access to any open seat on the plane, points that don’t expire, and an ability to pool points with family members.

Some credit card users are scared off by annual fees, but you can easily recoup the $99 annual expense with the 5,000 point bonus points each year and 2x points on most food purchases.

If you fly JetBlue regularly or are looking to score lower cost travel, this card is a solid choice. With plenty of opportunities to earn and use your points for travel, frequent flyers on JetBlue are smart to carry the JetBlue Plus credit card.

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