JerkFit WODies 2in1

Best CrossFit Lifting Gloves

Why people love it
  • Protects your palm and wrist without hampering hand movement
  • Highly durable, made with premium materials
  • Reduces pinching and friction, enhances grip on barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbells

Slim design, durable, made in the USA, enhances your grip, can be used with chalk, absorbs friction, easy to slip on and off, thin, great wrist support

Pricey, too slippery for pull-ups



If you need a pair of CrossFit gloves, you'll love these bad boys. They don't cover your whole hand, but simply protect your palm from friction, pinching, and calluses. They also offer excellent wrist support, giving you what you need for those heavy lifts, pull-ups, and kettlebell moves.

The palm isn't made with leather, but instead a slip-resistant synthetic cloth that is slim and lightweight. Though you'll get good grip on a textured barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell handle, the palm is too slippery to enhance your grip on a smooth pull-up bar. However, you'll find their design makes it easy to move from bodyweight to weighted movements without having to remove the gloves.


The gloves are designed to ONLY cover the main part of your palm, and they have three finger holes (index, middle, and ring fingers) that make them easy to slip on and off. The 2-inch-thick wrist band offers good support for your wrists, even for heavy lifts.

The material is synthetic, not genuine leather, but made in the USA and very durable. The palm pad offers just enough padding without interfering with your grip.


At $40, these are among the priciest options on our list—what else would you expect from CrossFit gear? However, given their durability and slim design, they're a decent pair of lifting gloves to consider.

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