Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Best Overall Bluetooth Earphones

Why people love it
  • Don't slip, even when running or sweating
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Super speedy bluetooth connectivity

These earbuds produce awesome, clear sound quality, and are great at isolating noise. They are also sweatproof and comfy in the ears because of the optional foam tips.

They're totally customizeable for fit, so you have to mess with them a little bit to get it right.


Sound Quality: The sound quality of these earphones is above par. They're designed for the tightest fit inside the ear canal, so they isolate noise well.

Comfort: These little babies are completely customizeable for the best fit in your ears. You even get a choice of silicone or foam tips so you can choose the one that feels better for you.

Battery Life: The Jaybird X2s claim to get 8 hours of battery life fully charged, and according to Sound Guys, they actually live up to the hype.


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