These Bluetooth earbuds stay in place while working out. Plus, they have a lifetime warranty against sweat.

  • Secure fit for sports and fitness
  • 8 hours of play time
  • Designed for music and phone calls

The Jaybird BlueBuds give you a solid 8 hours of run time.  That should be enough for a week's worth of workouts on a single charge.  These headphones use PureSound to eliminate listener fatigue by reducing white noise. They're also sweat resistant and they offer a lifetime warranty against damages caused by sweat. Just connect them to your device via Bluetooth and hit the gym without having to worry about them falling out - thanks to the sports ear cushions to secure them to your ear.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Get these....if you're not convinced, get them anyway
  • 2 Years and 22 days and Still going strong. No Damage, No Pop-outs, and sexy bass.
    Battery life is still a good 7 hours +/- ~15 mins.
    FYI I am still stuffing them into my jeans crammed with my ipod touch 4G. So very well built. <3
  • These headphones work great! The sound is great and they don't fall out during a fast jog. I'll have to take these on a hard workout like crossfit (meh maybe later...;)) and see how well they hold up in a grueling workout (definitely later...). They pair very easily to my iPhone 6plus. And for those days when it's not a day to run, they pair with my PS3 for some online gaming for BF4 and stuff!

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