The UP3 will give you the most accurate picture of your health thanks to it's state of the art sensors. 

  • Heart health monitoring throughout the day
  • Get personalized guidance from Smart Coach
  • Smart Alarm silently wakes you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle

The UP3 can capture so much data that it can give you a more accurate look at your current health status and even give you some tips on becoming healthier. While you're sleeping the UP3 can capture your sleep patterns and give you tips on how to sleep better if you need it. You won't have to take your UP3 off for anything since it's water resistant you can do everything from going for a swim to taking a shower. For those that get too much sleep the UP3 can wake you up at the optimal time of your sleep cycle to make sure you are refreshed. 

What Reviewers Say:

  • Good bracelet. I just wish it would stay charge for the actual 7 days it says it's supposed to.
  • I have had a Jawbone since it's birth and loved more than others. The UP3 is the best with regard to information. I love the new colours so I've had the black, grey and now the cream one so much better for us girls. The size is great as I can get away with people thinking it's a bracelet. The clasp is much better, but it does seem to come loose at times, lost it in bed a few times but not during the day.
    It would be great if you could extend Duel to just people who have Jawbone's as not a lot of my friends have the Jawbone could maybe just do challenges to the Jawbone owners like Runkeeper and Map my Run have challenges that you can join.
    I would love the heart rate to be all day, not just when I'm sleeping or sitting still. I am active and would love to know my heart rate when I'm on a run or cycling or cross training. And I know this is probably a bit of a long shot but GPS would be wonderful. But please don't increase the size as it's perfect.
    I will continue to look forward to the updates and new colours along with the next UP4 or 5.
  • Love it!!

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