Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Lovers

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder
  • Durable construction; looks and feels high quality
  • Gives you total control over your grind texture
  • User-friendly; easy to clean and use

18 precision settings, ideal for all brew preferences, portable, far less noisy than electric grinders, long-lasting, and inexpensive.

Plastic disc at the base of the burr grinder prone to breakage.


Details: Men who need their coffee "just so" will love this hand-powered burr grinder.  With over 18 adjustable settings, it's easy to grind coffee for a French press, drip coffee machine, espresso maker, cappuccino maker, or even cold brewers.

The fact that it's hand-powered means it will take a bit of work to produce the coffee, but it's compact, lightweight, and can be brought on any trip—camping, international, or vacation! It's quiet enough to use anywhere and at any time, and the ceramic blades will hold their sharpness for 5 times longer than stainless steel blades.

Price: This will cost just $24, and it's something that will deliver fresh-ground coffee no matter where you are. All in all, for coffee lovers, it's an amazing grinder to have on hand.


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