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Jan Marini by Bioglycolic Bioclear Face Lotion
  • Clears acne while improving overall skin quality
  • Removes redness and irritation
  • Users report better results with more consistent, long-term use
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If luxury skin care products are your thing, you’ve got to try the Jan Marini face lotion. Skin care regimens can often take up a lot of time if you have multiple products to apply, so this one saves a lot of time if you need an acne fighter that will also reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and your skin’s overall appearance.

The price tag.


Effectiveness: This lotion made Total Beauty’s list of Best Acne Fighters and for good reason. It’s a miracle worker when it comes to improving your skin’s health. If you need to bring more balance to your skin—no breakouts, less irritation, and smoothing of lines—this lotion will do just that.

Sensitivity: Based on previous consumer reviews, no one has reported any issues with skin sensitivities to this lotion. In fact, if anything, this will help calm any irritations caused by other acne medications.

Price: This one is expensive, there is no doubt about that. But if you want an acne treatment and face lotion that promises vast improvements to your overall skin quality, it may be well worth the investment.


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