Why people love it
  • Removable blade makes cleanup a breeze
  • Innovative shield reduces noise
  • Durable jar is shatterproof

The Jamba Quiet Shield blender crushes ice like a champ and purees veggies with ease. Marked measurements let you easily keep serving sizes in check.

Some reviewers report that you have to hold the blender in place during use because it jerks around. Be careful not to tighten the seal too much, or you may have a hard time removing the blender from the stand.


Performance: Whip up a batch of homemade tomato soup or creamy almond butter quickly thanks to this blender’s 1.6 horsepower motor and resilient stainless steel blade. Consumer Reports says the Jamba Quiet Shield blender rocks at crushing ice and blending smoothies, and most reviewers agree.

Design: A handful of smoothie makers complain that this blender lacks a handle, but many users claim the handle-free design actually makes it easier to grip and transport the blender’s jar. This sleek, attractive blender slides easily under most standard-sized kitchen cabinets, so you can leave it on the counter when you finish grinding or mixing.

Versatility: This blender is best for pureeing produce, crushing ice, and making smoothies, but you can also use it to make nut butter or homemade flour. Just keep in mind that you’ll get optimum results when you stick to the basics.

Price: This is one of the cheapest kitchen appliances on our list, but it’s still our pick for best all-around blender. Expect to spend around $140 for this highly rated blender.

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