Woodford Reserve Premium Bourbon Ball Gift Box

Best Christmas Gift for Sweets Fiends

Why people love it
  • A delicious little gift box of elegant chocolates
  • Bourbon-filled treats an absolute palate-pleaser
  • Great packaging—makes a gorgeous gift

Elegant and luxurious Bourbon-filled chocolates, great for chocolate lovers, decadent confections, comes wrapped in a beautiful gift box, and made with premium ingredients.


  • Possibly one of the best combinations in the world: whiskey + chocolate!
  • Finest Milk Chocolate; imported; Swiss made
  • Infused with world famous Jack Daniels 

Why They'll Love It: For that mother-in-law who loves sweets, this elegant gift box of premium chocolates is guaranteed to impress. The chocolates are made using premium-quality milk and cream, filled with an award-winning bourbon.  For those with a sweet tooth, they will be utterly satisfied after every bite of these amazingly luxurious and decadent treats.

Price: At just over $18 for a box of nine chocolates, these are definitely on the pricier side. However, the elegant gift wrapping and the palate-delighting flavors make it a one-time expense worth considering if you really want to impress.

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