Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub

Best Overall Facial Exfoliator for Men

Why people love it


  • Invigoratingly fantastic smell 
  • Leaves face feeling refreshed 
  • Terrific texture and effective product 



It can be pricey if used every day. And, some men find the minty menthol scent too strong. 


This product is an awesome all-rounder. It works fantastically on most skins and offers excellent pre-shave protection. It’s perhaps not the best for men with dry skin, but it works well with sensitive skins.

It’s the menthol in this men’s facial exfoliator that makes you feel refreshed, but it’s the excellent pore opening qualities that also makes you look fresh and clean.

What do we really love about this? It’s paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan and safe for guys with tree nut allergies. On top of that, it smells incredible. It works like a dream – and you can expect your wife or girlfriend to steal it. Sorry.


  • Who is it for? All skin types, though perhaps better for slightly oily skins. Works well for men with sensitive skins.
  • Active ingredients: Vitamin C, menthol, and eco-friendly bamboo powder.
  • Other notable ingredients: Mentha arvensis leaf oil, licorice extract, allantoin, and peppermint.
  • Does it have parabens? No 
  • What about other nasties? No added fragrance or colorants.
  • Vegan? Yes, and cruelty-free. 
  • Safe for tree nut allergies? Yes 
  • Texture: It’s thick – almost like wet sand.
  • Fragrance: It smells of a minty menthol which reviewers love.
  • Does it fight acne? Not specifically.
  • Container sizes: 3 and 6 ounce tubes. Packaging could be more conducive to squeezing out the last bits.
  • Will it break the bank? At $30 for 6 ounces, this isn’t the cheapest stuff around. But, you’re paying for quality at $5 per ounce.  



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