Jack Black Clay Pomade

Best Natural Hair Clay for Men

Why people love it
  • Superior hold
  • Beautifully clean matte finish
  • Easy application

This isn’t only a vegan product that smells delicious; it’s a great value for money, easy to wash out, and offers a matte finish despite the pomade in the name.

Some users find this doesn’t offer the level of hold – or the length of hold – they expected. Otherwise, negatives are few.


If you’re after a vegan styling clay for men, this is the one you want. Besides the natural ingredients and its animal-friendly status, the smell of this clay is simply divine.

It also offers a medium to strong hold that should get you through the day without any hassles. Afterwards, you can wash it out super easily. Indeed, you may be able to get away without using a shampoo. (But, unless you’re a strict no-poo guy, we recommend using shampoo at least once a week to ensure there’s no residue left behind.)

Now, on to the big question, with pomade in the product name, should you expect some shine? No.

That said, you shouldn’t expect this to mattify greasy locks. It’s formulated like a pomade, with the finish of a clay. Whether you add it to damp or dry hair, you should expect a natural finish on your hair – that’s somewhere between matte and glisten. But, it definitely isn’t shiny. (If you’re looking for a natural/vegan product with some shine to it, we suggest other Jack Black products.)

All in, this is a clay we’d consider even if the natural aspects weren’t important. If you’ve got hair that you describe as average all the way around (or just a little in one direction or another), give it a go.

Hold: It’s got a medium to strong hold, depending on the amount and length of hair that you’re starting with. We can’t say that we’re supremely blown away when working with hair that needs a high hold, but this product also wasn’t designed for that.

Texture: It’s got a creamier texture than other clays, but it’s actually a pomade blend.

Application: Men are split on this front, and it may have to do with their expectations of straightforward clays or pomades. Overall, it’s fairly easy if you’re working with damp hair and you take the time to work it in your hands properly before placing on your hair. And, it’s definitely clump-free.

Duration: Don’t expect more than a day’s use out of this. Indeed, we’d probably cap it at 14-16 hours. That’s, of course, usually more than enough for most men on most days.

Washing ease: It’s rather easy to wash this product out; no complaints here.

Scent: The clean, natural smell comes from the essential oils in the mix and it goes away quickly. For as nice as it smells, we wouldn’t mind it lasting longer, but hey, we’re all about the natural with this product.

Key ingredients: Let’s just point out that this is marketed as a clay pomade before you start to lament the overwhelming lack of clay ingredients here. It’s also more important to note that there are a lot of good things in this vegan product, the essential oils list is stunning (tea tree, sage, lavender, basil, just to start). And, it’s paraben, alcohol, added fragrance and colorant – free. Plus, these products aren’t tested on animals.

Size: The container is a somewhat unusual size of 2.75 ounces. That’s a little more than the 2-ounce average. But, hey, we’re not complaining about that.

Price: You can get the 2.75-ounce container for $22 on Amazon, with Prime shipping. That’s $8 per ounce which, while it’s on the higher side, is actually fairly reasonable for a clay product. When we factor in the brilliant ingredients, we’re definitely prepared to move it into the value-for-money category.

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