Why people love it
  • Jabra Sound App provides Hi-Def Dolby Digital Plus enhanced sound
  • ColorCore Eargels and EarWings lock into place
  • Sleep mode with power saving magnets

The Jabra ROX wireless earbuds have inline controls for an easy reach to control music and calls.

Slightly difficult to get the wings in the correct position.


The earbuds can sense when they are not being used and go into sleep mode to preserve battery life. They come with the Jabra Sound app that gives you high def dolby digital plus sound. You can pair these earbuds easily with your device if you have an NFC-enabled phone.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Start with the Rox It's the safer and better bet. Be sure to play with the bud and wing sizes which is crucial for a great fit. It takes time to get the wings in the correct position and the right size buds, but once you do, you'll never look back. Forgot to mention. Sounds is great and they are very low profile when in. Hope this helps with others decisions.
  • This is actually a really great item.
  • Very good balanced sound (not boomy bass), good signal, depends on tight seal for sound quality, but the cable is anoying. Energy saving magnets are too weak to keep the earphones together. Battery and charging time are ok. No problem pairing with two devices. So far I've had no problems.

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