Why people love it
  • 1.5 hours continuous steam
  • 3 year warranty
  • "Much easier than ironing"

The J-2000 Jiffy is easy to use and well worth the investment. It heats up quickly and has an impeccably long steam time!

Users report that although the J-2000 Jiffy comes equipped with a wheel locking mechanism to prevent the steamer from tipping over during use, the wheels don't always lock fully and the steamer can be a bit unsteady.



The J-2000 Jiffy is ideal whether you’re looking for something that can stand up to either home or commercial use. The 1300 watt solid brass heating element allows the steamer to heat up in an outstanding 2 minute time period. Additionally, the high wattage makes the steamer incredibly effective on heavier fabrics. Also, the 3/4 gallon water reservoir allows for a 1.5 hour steam time, which blows many of its competitors out of the water.


The J-2000 Jiffy truly has it all. The wheels allow the steamer to be easily moved and stored, while the wheel locking mechanism and plastic outer housing make the steamer very durable. Additionally, the 5.5-foot hose with 6-inch steam head provides users the ability to move around when steaming garments. Although this steamer does not come with a fabric brush, it does include a hook for garments. Finally, the 3 year warranty alone is reason enough to make the investment.


Although the J-2000 Jiffy comes in around $159.99 on Amazon, that is a steal compared to the $219.00 retail price of the product. If you're looking for something that is sure to deliver regardless of the project and will work for years to come, the J-2000 Jiffy is a great option.

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